CO Starz is our Dance, Cheer, Pom and Leadership team that performs at events in the community,

volunteers as puppy cuddlers and promotes their official charity;

Moms and Mutts (animal rescue for pregnant and nursing dogs).




Mini Pom and Cheer: 5:00-5:55 (ages 3-6)

Junior Pom and Cheer- (Ages 7-12) 5:45-6:55pm

Lakewood @ Studio 21 Dance & Fitness

(Jewell and Garrison, in Celtic Steps Studios) 



Mini Dance Combo (ballet, tap, jazz): 5:00-5:45 (ages 3-6)

Junior Dance Combo(ballet, tap, jazz):  5:45-6:45pm(ages 6-12)

Lakewood @ Studio 21 Dance & Fitness

(Jewell and Garrison, in Celtic Steps Studios) 



Mini Hippity Hop (ages 3-6) 9:00-9:55m

Jr. Hip Hop (ages 7-12) 9:55-10:55am

Waterstone Community Church 

(C470 and Bowles)



Teen Pom and Cheer: 9:00am-10:00am (ages 12-14)

Teen Technique and Musical Theater: 10:00-11:30am  (ages 12-14)

Lakewood @ Studio 21 Dance & Fitness

(Jewell and Garrison, in Celtic Steps Studios)


 Dance, Cheer, Pom and Leadership Team for girls ages 3-6, 7-12 and 12-14

Varsity Dancers may attend all weekly rehearsals. 


Bi-weekly volunteer opportunities for Moms and Mutts every other Saturday


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One shift = one uniform or one month


​All Donations Accepted! 

Fundraiser benefis Moms and Mutts Colorado Animal Rescue for Pregnant and Nursing Dogs


  • Starz is a Pom, Cheer and Dance Team for ages 3-5 and 5-14
  • Dance Combo is Ballet, Tap and Jazz for ages 3-5 and 5-12
  • Hip Hop for ages 5-12
  • ​Note: Cheerleading program does not include tumbling or gymnastics


CO Starz Dance Team
Coach: Miss Jessica       
Cheer Coach: Miss Leah      Dance Coach: Miss Gabby  Team Manager: Miss Melissa





CO Starz will learn and perform Jazz and pom routines, cheers, stunts and basic tumbling.  
CO Starz will perform 1-2 times each semester at community and charity events.  CO Starz performs at a majory sports game in March and competes once a year (spring).  Fall Starz performs at pee wee football games. Summer Starz perform in the Buffalo Bill Days Parade (July 27, 2019).  Each session (Spring, Summer, Fall) has a studio wide recital for all teams and classes.

Team Performances:

  • Community events
  • Team fundraisers
  • Events for Moms and Mutts Animal Rescue
  • Uniforms include poms, bow, team tees, cheer skirts, briefs, cheer shell and white tennis shoes (not provided).  One uniform piece ordered each month.

Dues: $60/month or $75/month for unlimited (scholarships available)


  • 5-14 years old
  • In order to perform at “CO Starz” events, dancer must attend the practice prior the show
  • Dancer must arrive show-ready to performances and dance-ready to rehearsals... and ON TIME
  • Dancer must be responsible for organizing and maintaining all costumes and poms
  • Must abide by Studio 21 Dance & Fitness standards and policies




  • New Student Registration: $15/class (includes team tee or leotard)
  • New Class Registration: $15 (includes team tee or leotard)
  • Uniform Fees:  $75/class
    • Varsity (all three classes) $200
    • Pom poms $20
Studio 21 Dance, LLC : 1978 S. Garrison St. : Lakewood, CO 80228 : (720) 435-6689 : Email Us