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JESSICA MASON (Owner, Lead Instructor and CO Starz Coach)

Jessica launched Studio 21 Dance in 2008 and continues to base her programs on integrity, community service and compassion. Miss Jess began dancing in 1983, teaching in 1993, and began her professional career in 1999. She was a Denver Nuggets Dancer, Colorado Rapids Cheerleader, Colorado 14ers Dancer and Choreographer and directed and led the Blush Professional Dance Team.  Her background includes psychology and fitness, which makes molding minds as important to her as shaping bodies.  Her passion for dance and fitness  has led her to compete in everything from figure and swimsuit competitions to pageants. 

Jessica believes dance and fitness should make children and adults alike feel better about themselves.  Goal setting is at the core of the studio’s teaching structure, helping students formulate a plan to achieve the goals they set, and then to set new goals to keep moving forward. In 2016, Jessica launched Compassion Over Reaction; Elementary Bullying Prevention.  Studio classes include lessons from her bullying prevention program, utilizing lessons from her first book “Pitty the Bully”.  Jessica’s second book, “Dancing Queen in Quarantine,” features stories from the studio, Studio 21 students and using dance to cope with quarantine.  Jessica has two children; Marcy and Nico. Studio 21 Dance & Fitness is a part of  Project 21 Foundation; Jessica’s non-profit organization that provides dance scholarships and uniforms, community outreach programs and bullying prevention programs in local schools. In 2021, Jessica and her SassiFit business partner, also named Jessica, added a Michigan dance team, the MI Starz Dance Team, to their tri-state company.

LEAH LEFEVRE (Littleton Cheer Team Director)

Coach Leah has been a cheerleading coach for the last 14 years. She tumbled into cheerleading during her first year of employment with Lakewood High School while working as a secretary in 2002. Her first week at that high school would change her life. The cheer coach quit. Coach Leah stepped up and took her place without thinking twice. After a year of coaching, she opened her own youth cheerleading company, Just Cheer It. In 2009, her love of coaching brought her to Bear Creek High School where she coached the JV cheer squad for two years. In 2011, she coached with Coach Demi at the Lakewood Recreation Center. After a year, she decided her true passion was with the little ones, ages 4-12, so she spent more time coaching with Just Cheer It. After 14 years in the field, Leah found a new passion: competitions.. She loves teaching kids new things and watching them accomplish their goals. She firmly believes that you can do anything you set your mind to. She can be heard repeating her motto: “Never say you can’t. You Can!” during her coaching sessions. She has the experience, enthusiasm, and passion to help motivate and drive her cheerleaders to achieve their dreams and ambitions.

VICTORIA CLARK (Commerce City Dance Team)

Victoria Clarke (Miss Vix) has been performing since she was 4. She grew up internationally, traveling around Asia with her parents and six siblings, singing, dancing, putting on puppet shows and performing as a clown in hospitals, orphanages, retirement homes, and in disaster relief areas. 

As an adult, she has worked as a schoolteacher, Mommy and Me class instructor, model/brand spokesperson, and band singer. She also currently works as a Kids and Teen Life Coach, building leadership skills and self-confidence in kids of all ages. Miss Vix helped launch the Commerce City Dance Team (the CC Starz) in 2021 and built the program to it’s goal registration in just a few months! She’s an amazing instructor and students and parents love her as much as we do.  We are thrilled to welcome her back for her second season with Studio 21 Dance!

ADRIAN ASHDOWN (Sensory Sensitive Dance Program Lead)

Adrian discovered her calling to teach at a young age. Throughout her journey, Miss Adrian uncovered her desire to make education accessible to all students. As a result, she was inspired to work with students who experience life in a variety of ways. She taught special education for a number of years and continued on her path to engage in creativity with those around her. While teaching art, Miss Adrian focuses on teaching to the whole student and allows them the opportunity to create art that helps them to expand not only their abilities but also their inner selves. Dance has always been an outlet for her and she used movement as an expression for the soul. Freestyle was her means to connect with herself while also learning to control her mind and body through the breath. Miss Adrian is excited to facilitate students’ creative expression with not just art on paper but art in movement.

NATALIE TRAHANT (Lakewood Dance Team)

Natalie began dancing at the age of three starting with ballet and ultimately moved on to hip hop, jazz, and cheer which she continued throughout high school and college. While dancing and cheering competitively, Miss Natalie also taught youth groups and tumbling workshops at two local cheer gyms. Natalie’s passion is deeply rooted in connecting with those who have a genuine appreciation and curiosity about dance. Natalie’s extensive experience in our specific styles of dance and incredible outlook will be a wonderful addition to our team!

LIZ SCULLI (Littleton Dance Team)

Meet Liz Sculli. Miss Liz is a high school math teacher at Lakewood High School. She has lots of experience with kids as they have always been a love of hers. She has also been involved with dance throughout her life, being a member of her middle and high school dance teams. Miss Liz is new to coaching and her excitement will breathe new life into our program. Miss Liz will be heading up our Littleton Dance Program and joining our SassiFit staff later this year.  Liz is so excited to meet everyone and continue sharing her passion!


Miss Erin is a lifelong dancer! She loves all styles of dance, but particularly enjoys performance and competitive team Pom, jazz, and hip hop dancing.  Erin has 9 years of coaching and teaching experience.  She choreographed and participated in a small flash mob experience and looks forward to joining our annual Studio 21 Thriller flash mob!  Most recently, Erin performed a contemporary duet to Say Something in 2019 as part of a community theater production with the Soul Stage project Rear View Window.  She also contributed some choreography and served as a dance captain for that production.  Her hope is that everyone connects with the joy of movement whenever good music is playing.

Erin has been teaching dance for nine years and dancing for over  20 years. She has two kids, ages 9 and 5, and her 5 year old is teaching himself to breakdance! Her husband does karate and during the pandemic her family turned one of their bedrooms into a small studio for stretching/meditation/movement (they call it the calm down room).  

ASHLEY MARANDA MORGAN (Office Manager and CC sub)

Ashley is excited to return as office manager and Commerce City Team Lead for Studio 21 Fitness. Ashley’s parents started her in dance at a similar studio when she was three years old and has held a deep love for dance ever since. She remembers her favorite part of the classes was the recitals because she loved to wear costumes, do up her hair in various styles, put on makeup, and then show off to the parents what they had learned. Her sister and she also enjoyed following the Barbie workout in their living room when they were younger. Ashley continued to dance through the age of 16, taking studio dance lessons in ballet, jazz, tap, modern, and hip-hop. Ashley tried out for her high cheerleading squad using the skills she had developed in dance and became a captain of that squad during her junior and senior years. Her team went on to compete in national cheerleading competitions in Florida with the routines heavily influenced by her experience dancing. She really enjoyed her time as a cheerleader as it combined both her desire to dance with gymnastics and tumbling skills. She received her Bachelor’s at Metropolitan State University of Denver with a Hospitality degree and has held many management and customer service related jobs in Colorado, Texas, California and Hawaii since graduating. Ashley even had the unique pleasure of working at Disneyland. She now has two young daughters, with whom she now shares her passion for dancing as well as teaching them the importance of getting your body moving every day. No matter what you look like, or how fit you are, dancing can help you get to where you want to be, and Ashley can help get you there!

Gabby Ranfranz knew she wanted to pursue the art of dance and make a career for herself while exploring her passion. She has studied dance with Red Rocks Community College and graduated with her Associates Degree. She was very involved on campus and found ways to share the visual art of dance, outside of the registered courses, and make it available to all

students that showed interest. She then went on to earn her yoga instructors certification while working with the Esmé Dance Company. Gabby performed three years with Esmé including

annual performances, the Raw Artists Show (hosted by the Church Nightclub), and the Denver Pride Festival 2018. That summer, she also traveled overseas to study modern contemporary

dance with the infamous Igor & Iraxte, of Metamorphosis Dance; an international dance company. She then attended one week of their Metamorphosis Method workshop held in

Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Gabby also performed this summer with Canvas at the Denver Pride festival 2019. She most recently attended Kim Rohbards summer dance intensive, 2 week

workshop, and had the pleasure of working and creating with their prestigious and talented performers. Gabby is looking forward to more opportunities to meet, teach and work with other

artists around the world. 

Jessica Swanson (Teen Coach & Princess Storyteller) Jessica S. is a superstar we are so lucky to have at Studio 21! She choreographs for Carmody Middle School, Bear Creek High School and several professional theatre companies in Denver.  Jessica S. is our new coach for Baby Ballerina, Poms in the Park and subs throughout the program. Jessica also teaches teen jazz and musical theater. For more information on those classes, contact her directly at

Ana Jones started her dance education at the age of 13, but has been passionate about dance as long as she can remember. She began her formal training at Peak Athletics where she spent a season studying Poms. Ana expanded her range of dance styles at Premier Academy of Dance, where she trained competitively in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, and Hip Hop. Hip Hop immediately stood out as her favorite dance style and in 2019 she began assistant teaching Kindergarten and Junior Hip Hop. Since February of 2020, she has trained virtually with Melissa Bravo, Amber Rose Dance Academy UK, The Lab in West Covina, Take a Dance Break, Stem From Dance Girls Rise Up, and most recently ETHOS dance intensive and SOG

Paige Garcia Paige is an enthusiastic, responsible, organized and motivated person who loves dance and gymnastics. She looks forward to having an opportunity to work with our CO Starz. Coach Paige was a dancer and gymnasts for over 10 years and competed in many levels with XCEL USAG and HS gymnastics. Paige brings energy and knowledge around competition for POMS, Dance and gymnastics. I look forward to helping gymnasts reach their individual goals and grow as a coach. Coach Paige loves working with kids and inspiring people. As a life-long gymnast and dancer, Paige loves coaching kids and seeing them have fun and be successful. We are very excited to have Coach Paige on staff!

Melissa Birmingham (team manager) Melissa has a life of experience working with and teaching children.  She manages a childcare facility and oversees other ECE staff.  She has been a CO Starz mom since the team relaunched in 2017 and has stepped up to handle bookkeeping and new student registrations.  Melissa is recently certified in SassiFit Dance Fitness and will be launching her own SassiClassic class fall 2019.  Miss Melissa and Miss Jessica have been friends for many years and are family, just as CO Starz is a family.  Melissa is the glue that holds everything together and  you will see much of her!