* Starting February 2020



                                                YOUTH CLASSES



Our classes are "Teams", complete with uniforms and team spirit. Each class is it's own team, and dancers on all three teams are part of our Varsity Team.  The dance aspect of the class focuses on alignment, technique and fluid style and also work on performance aspects such as strong arm motions, formation awareness and stage presence. Cheer uses the same strong arm movements and includes vocalizations, jumps, kicks and basic stunting. Dancers will use poms for cheer and some dances.  Team practices are open to all, no auditions necessary. 

In addition to performing, the CO Starz volunteer and host fundraisers for their adopted charity; Moms and Mutts Animal Rescue. (LAKEWOOD/LITTLETON) 

Coming soon to Arvada and Conifer

 CO Starz Pom & Cheer (ages 3-5, 5-7, 8-12, 12-14)

Pom dance is similar to jazz, with sharper, stronger movements. Both pom dance and cheerleading will utilize pom pom.  Cheer and stunting consist of vocalizations, sharp arm movements, kicks and jumps.  Both styles are strong, with emphasis on performance and hard work.  This group has more performances, including weekly football games September-October.

Attire: Team tee shirt, comfy pants, Hair up,  clean tennis shoes.  BRING WATER. No jeans, necklaces or hoop earrings. (LAKEWOOD) 


 CO Starz Dance Combo; Ballet, Tap, Jazz (ages 3-5, 5-7, and 8-12)

This combo class is a great starting place for new dancers. The Ballet portion of class focuses on body alignment and grace, the Jazz portion of the class focuses on alignment, technique and style, and the Tap portion of the class is obviously more footwork and great exercise. The styles compliment each other well as one  builds a technical foundation, one sharpens and strengthens and focuses on performance and personality. Students will learn routines in each style to perform at the semester end performance.

Attire: Team leotard, tights or leggings, tap, jazz and ballet shoes.  Dancers will also need jazz shoes for performances.  However, for classes they may wear either jazz or ballet and are not required to have both. Hair up. BRING WATER. New and used tap shoes for sale through Miss Jessica. (LAKEWOOD)  


     CO Starz HIP HOP; (ages 3-5,and and 5-12)

  Students will learn styles including rocking, locking, popping, Boogaloo and more. Plus footwork, stalls and fun choreography.  Great exercise and perfect for self-expression. 

This is an intro level class and no experience is required. (LAKEWOOD)

Attire: comfy clothes, team tee shirt, CLEAN tennis shoes. BRING WATER



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