Our Former Team: Holly, Kelly, Rose & Jessica

  Blush Pro Dance Team is our pro team specializing in jazz, hip hop, burlesque, cabaret, Bollywood and Hula.     As a pro team, Blush is hired to open fashion shows, concerts and other events.  Blush will be making it's         music video debut this summer as well as representing local radio stations, venues and products.  This             promo/dance team has a full schedule of events ahead! Stay tuned for show details.


Blush Pro Dance Team

Presented by Studio 21 Dance

Blush Burlesque is bringing sexy back! With the traditional elements of burlesque and the sassy jazz style of the Pussycat Dolls, Blush will add excitement to any event.   Our dancers get crowds pumped up for all events, from fashion shows to concerts.  Our sets are perfectly timed spacers for model changes, stage turnovers and transitions between acts.  With our versatile numbers and talented dancers, we can head up our own show or work into yours.

Our dancers can promote your next event by handing out flyers and talking to patrons.  From print and runway models to shot girls and gogo dancers, Blush Burlesque is your one stop shop for event entertainment. 

We can tailor costuming and choreography specific to any event-even promoting your product or brand!  Blush administrative staff will personally manage all the details and ensure that each event is a professional and polished.

These days, everyone has seen it all, done it all.  Events are about drawing people in and creating a party atmosphere.  Blush will help you grab their attention and build a relationship with your customers.  Blush will market your event on our web site and facebook page as well as personally invite our data base of contacts.




   Blush Pro Dance TeamThe question is what has been missing from your events?



Blush Pro Dance Team

Choreography Sets & Costumes

I. Classic Cabaret Set

Costume Options: Pin up khaki dresses, Corsets, heels, boas, gloves, etc


  • Candyman
  • Big Spender
  • Forget You
  • Is You Is, Or Is You Ain’t My Baby


II. Pop Princess Set

Costume Options: Sequin dresses, vests & shorts, jacket & hats, fishnets or heels


  • Ooh La La
  • Cannibal,
  • Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
  • Love Sex & Magic
  • Bad Romance


III. Country Girl Set

Costume: Black tank, booty shorts, white button up, jean chaps, cowboy hat, boots


  • Shake It For Me, Cowboy Cassanova,
  • Before He Cheats, Ride A Cowboy


IV. Rock & Roll Set

Costume Options: Jeans, boots, jean jacket or vest, black tank


  • Pink
  • Shook Me All Night Long
  • Pour Some Sugar on Me
  • Rag Doll


V. Hip Hop Diva Set

Costume: Blush team jackets, booty shorts, fishnets, boots/heels


  • Diva
  • Shoop
  • Ruff It Up
  • Pump It, Bigger & Better

Themes also available: 80’s, All American, Vampire, Allstar Sports, Pirate Booty & more…


Blush Services:

I. Dance Sets

a. Open Fashion Shows and Concerts
b. Pump up crowds
c. Ladies Night Dance Lessons
d. Gogo Dancers

II. Modeling

a. Print and Runway

III. Promotions

a. Shot Girls
b. Event and brand promotion



Blush Burlesque Pricing


I. Based on number of sets and dancers

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