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Bring dance, fitness and leadership training to your child's school!

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“Studio 21 Dance& Fitness- After School, 4 School” is a mobile dance program that brings dance into preschool, elementary and middle schools. School 21 uses dance to teach character development and goal setting. Class format can be hip hop, jazz or ballet. Program utilizes an open space, preferably carpeted, such as a gymnasium or music room.

After school, twice a week for two weeks. Each class is an hour in duration and includes warm up and stretch, technique and skill break down and choreography  

Classes are held in the sponsor school. Gymnasiums are best, but location can vary from a hallway to a classroom. Wood or carpet floors preferred. Open space for hip hop and long hallways for jazz and ballet are best.

In addition to fundraising for the host school, Project 21 benefits the sponsor school by teaching kids to stay active, set goals and take responsibility for their choices. Skills learned in class such as integrity, dedication and positive self talk will translate to the classroom in behavior and attitude. The fundamental goal of Project 21 is to give kids the tools to succeed in school and in life and inspire them to take steps towards realizing their dreams.

$20 per student

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Bring Studio 21 Dance & Fitness into YOUR Schools!

Parents pay tuition directly to Studio 21 Dance & Fitness
Studio 21 Dance provides marketing material, flyers and handles all payments and registration

Classes held on site at school in gym, classroom or other open space
Host School receives 10% of tuition received from parents every month

  • Poms and Cheer 1 hour  $45/month
  • Ballet 45 minutes $35/month 
  • Cardio Kickboxing 45 minutes $25/month
  • Registration $10


Also available: School hosted monthly lessons

* 1 hour class a month= $50

* Multiple hours, once a month= $45/hour


Bring Dance and Fitness to your students!

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