Join us from anywhere! Tuesdays at 7:00pm and Thursdays at 6:00pm.  Tickets to the show are just $6 for Tuesday (90 miniute class) and $4 for Thursday (60 minute class) and the video is available for 24 hours. Monthly online membership is only $20 for all online classes

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SassiFit Dance Fitness, BarreFit and Burlesque for Adults:

Session 5; JULY 9-AUGUST 18

New schedule and pricing 9.01.2018



Saturday August 18th; Kendrick Lake Park 9:00am (sign up HERE)

Sunday July 29th 6:00pm SassiFit and Barre Fit



Sunday June 24th; Blush Studios 6:00pm (sign up HERE)


SassiFit Session 5  July 9-August 18

Join us for sassy dancing in the dark and confidence building! Fun, dance cardio combined with strength and toning on the mat will leave you stronger and leaner and ready to take on the world.  Gain energy and build muscle to while shedding weight and inhibitions.  Don't hibernate- come sweat it out with us!  Bring water and a yoga mat.  


Cardio Blast Dance Party Week: Next fundraising week-June 24-30 (after session 4)

At the end of every two sessions, we combine all the cardio routines from those sessions into an hour of dance.  Quick review of each routine lets you catch your breath (plus no experience or previous class time required).  Drop in $10.  NOT INCLUDED IN MEMBERSHIP.  All proceeds benefit Moms and Mutts Animal Rescue for pregnant and nursing dogs.


SassiFit Dance Fitness Classes:

SassiFit Dance Fitness: SassiFit Dance Fitness is choreography based fitness in the styles of burlesque, jazz, hip hop, kick boxing and pom.  Each six week session has a warm up routine and 3-5 SassiFit cardio dance routines (new  cardio routine plus reviews each week). Classes are 30 minutes of dance cardio (except SassiFit Dance Party which has 35 min), followed by 25 minutes of mat fitness inspired by yoga, pilates and floor barre.  SassiFit is a body positive, empowering and confidence building program for all ages and abilities.  We work around injuries.  No dance experience required.  No judgement or comparrison allowed.  We dim the lights, turn up the music and rock out.

​Intro to SassiFit: Same routines as our SassiFit classes but with more review each week and a slightly slower pace.  Great place to start or for non-dancers. Two-left feet are welcome here.  Remember; you don't have to get it right to have fun.  Miss Jessica always says: "you burn as many calories going left as you do going right!"

SassiClasic: In the same Sassi styles as our traditional class but with classic songs from the 50's, 60's, 70's and big band era.  Jazz, Latin, ballroom, Hula and strength moves.  Low impact, high fun! Donation based only, benefitting Moms and Mutts Animal Rescue.

SassiFit Cardio Blast Dance Party: Solid hour of dance fitness! Routines from current and previous sessions with quick review inbetween (lowers heartrate for both aerobic and anaerobic training.  No dance or SassiFit experience needed.  Kids and boys welcome ;)

Basic Burlesque (Wednesdays):  Burlesque teaches body control, core strength and balance while unleashing your inner diva.  Burlesque is all about what it truly means to be sexy; self confident, self assured and accepting/appreciative of the bodies we have.  Our “No...NOW” policy means that you leave the things holding you back from seeing your beauty at the door and focus on loving yourself right now. This class is about appreciating you for you and about learning how to maximize your potential.

SassiCat Dolls Burlesque (Thursdays) Hips, head rolls, and booty bumps...oh my! This class will work you from head to toe...but be careful– it’s addictive! Classes include warm up, stretch, skill break down, across the floor application of movement along with the choreography that made the Dolls famous! SassiCat Dolls Burlesque is for everyone who wants to really go for it!  No experience is required, but the class moves quickly so be ready go dive in and do not be afraid to laugh at yourself along the way!

Burlesque SexyBack Add-On (Sundays) 30 minute burlesque choreogrpahy add-on to our SassiFit Dance Fitness class.  New routine each week, intro level burlesque.  Start your week off right with the moves that make you feel your best!

BarreBack Add-On (Tuesdays) 30 minute BarreFit class add-on following Tuesday's SassiFit Dance Fitness. Take it alone or go for the full 90 minute challenge! BarreFit is ballet inspired strength training using the ballet barre, weights, balls, mats, and anything else we get into!


SassiFit Nutrition

SassiEats Group Meal Prepping. Healthy dinners can take your training to the next level.  Group meals means group rates, support and accountability.  We meet every Sunday to divide up meals (bring 6 containers, labeled with your name).  Meals provided by 3volve3. $50/week

SassiFit Healthy Habits (online) Community, accountability, training tips and personalized support.  Daily challenges, weekly coaching sessions and on-going support.  Take your training to the next level! Add on to any SassiFit membership for $15/session









Girl's Night

Favorite Thing and Fun Fact! Share things that make your life easier.  Monthly events to promote women in buiness, connect to your Sassi community and move us all foward towards our goals.  THIRD THURSDAYS at Blush Studios, Ken Carly and C470


FunkyFit, Fit21 Boot Camp, KickFit and BounceFit coming in 2018!

Workshops and clinincs coming soon!


"BLUSH" Pro Burlesque Dance Team Director  Jessica Mason

Jessica’s dad's family came from Vaudeville and she is the granddaughter of  a very well known Vaudevill burlesque performer; Roxy Mason.  As instructor of the Intro to Burlesque and Girls Night Out workshops, Jessica uses the comedic influence of her heritage to relate the material in a personal and accessible way.  She believe that it’s not what you look like that makes you sexy, but how you feel about yourself that draws people to you.  Classes are core focused and value positive self talk as a teaching tool. You’re guaranteed to spend the class sweating and smiling!






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