Studio 21 Dance and Fitness is a mobile studio.  We have locations throughout Colorado, from Arvada to Aurora!

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JESSICA MASON (Owner, Lead Instructor and CO Starz Coach)

 Jessica launched Studio 21 Dance in 2008 and continues to base her programs on integrity, community service and compassion.

About Miss Jess; She began dancing in 1987, teaching in 1993, and went pro in 1999. She was a Denver Nuggets Dancer, Colorado Rapids Cheerleader and Colorado 14ers Dancer and Choreographer.  Her background includes psychology and fitness, which makes molding minds as important to her as shaping bodies.  Her passion for dance and fitness  has led her to compete in everything from figure and swimsuit competitions to pageants.  She has held the titles of Mrs. Colorado International 2006, Miss Colorado Galaxy 2009 and Ms. Planet Beach 2011, all while opening Studio 21 Dance in 2008.  While in Michigan, she won the titles of Ms. Michigan State America 2016 and Mrs. Michigan America 2017 while transforming Studio 21 Dance into Studio 21 Dance & Fitness continues to have classes each visit to Michigan and multiple locations in Colorado.

Jessica believes dance and fitness should makes children and adults alike feel better about themselves.  Goal setting is at the core of the studio's teaching structure, helping students formulate a plan to achieve the goals they set, and then to set new goals to keep moving forward. In 2016, Jessica launched Compassion Over Reaction; Elementary Bullying Prevention.  Studio classes include lessons from her bullying prevention program and soon she will go to print with her children's story on bullying.  Jessica has two children; Devin age 19 and Nico age 13 and two dogs; Sophie and Crusher (Beverly Crusher is the official mascot of the studio dance team; CO Starz).  In 2018 she and the studio joined forces with MAMCO, Moms and Mutts Animal Rescue for pregnant and nursing dogs.  She is now their Event Coordinator and her dance team, CO Starz, does monthly fundraisers for the rescue.



Brittany Burke

Bri was born and raised here and Colorado💕 and has been dancing and cheerleading basically her entire life! Bri has been and  teaching with Studio 21 for five years and has worked in every aspect of the program.  Bri specializes in cheer and dance and is expanding into fitness and coaching. Spreading positivity and helping others is what she does best! She is most excited to help students on their fitness journey with amazing women and an amazing program!






  Leah Lefevre 

Coach Leah been a cheerleading coach for the last 14 years. She tumbled into cheerleading during her first year of employment with Lakewood High School while working as a secretary in 2002. Her first week at that high school would change her life. The cheer coach quit. Coach Leah stepped up and took her place without thinking twice. After a year of coaching, she opened her own youth cheerleading company, Just Cheer It. In 2009, her love of coaching brought her to Bear Creek High School where she coached the JV cheer squad for two years. In 2011, she coached with Coach Demi at the Lakewood Recreation Center. After a year, she decided her true passion was with the little ones, ages 4-12, so she spent more time coaching with Just Cheer It. After 14 years in the field, Leah found a new passion: competitions. She was focusing more on competitions and found Colorado Eclipse to be the place to do this. She worked at Colorado Eclipse for two years. She loves teaching kids new things and watching them accomplish their goals. She firmly believes that you can do anything you set your mind to. She can be heard repeating her motto: “Never say you can’t. You Can!” during her coaching sessions. She has the experience, enthusiasm, and passion to help motivate and drive her cheerleaders to achieve their dreams and ambitions.







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CO Starz (Colorado)  Benefitting Moms and Mutts; Colorado Animal Rescue for Pregnant and Nursing Dogs

Little Buddies: ages 3-6 and Big Buddies: ages 7-14

Coaches Jessica, Bri, Leah and Xen






Studio 21 Dance & Fitness strives to provide technical dance instruction, fitness and personal development in a fun and engaging environment. Classes are enriched with lessons on Integrity, Responsibility, Courage and Team Work. Students are taught how to use positive self talk and optimism to assist in learning new skills. Studio program benefits "Compassion Over Reaction; Elementary Bullying Prevention", which helps elementary students indentify bullying behaviors in themselves in order to stop bullying where it starts. 



Studio 21 Dance& Fitness provides technique based classes enriched with character development. Skills will be broken down to basic movement to give students a strong dance foundation in technique from the fundamentals to the cutting edge.

Studio 21 Dance & Fitness is committed to age appropriate costumes, choreography and music. Routines will be challenging enough to drive technical development, yet compact enough to develop skill mastery- not just comprehension. Each student will be given the opportunity and tools to succeed in class, and the inspiration to succeed in life.


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Mines 2009-2010

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Awards; 2011-2012


2011 Best Dance Instruction in Golden 

2012 Best Dance Instruction in Golden


2012 Best of Jeffco Instruction

2012 Carnation Festival's Mayor's Youth Award Winners



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2013 Best Dance Instruction in Golden

2014 Best Business in Performing Arts in Lakewood



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